Dreams of the Lost Bliss

In the late nights listening from bed,
Nocturnal slumbers about,
Let to lay, the lonesome weary heads,
Of which directions shall take the younglings
whence-awakened route?
Childhood awakes, alas the waited dream heard,
The innocent realm weighing against the temptation
of sleepy (wrath),
Softly resting; dreaming of the feathers that gowns
life's bird,
Of which directions shall take the children's whence-
awakened nap?
The loose bonds now bear heavy: tightening, as lauds
to yond adult,
Conversed subconscious in active mind, -wealth's
compelling breath,
Arise, the elders pondering; or has all dreaming fled
to halt'?
And of which directions shall take the elders whence-
awakened death?
Beyond the bask of simple previsions,
Hearts in monetary hopes and appease,
Make the basking likeness free of collisions,
That may crown the reign of dream and ease?
In every life poor body earns its own evil,
Jobs jolt rich: of the occupation of sewing life's feathers,
Seeing the drummed dream of past [great upheaval],
Shall I fall asleep amidst the interval,
And content the grasp of the sticky hold unto my tethers?

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