Dreams Of You

There's a light at the end of the darkness,
brighter than the sun it does shine;
quietly like a gentle breeze it approaches,
coming to steal my heart and mind.
Wandering thru space and time I float,
every step never touching ground;
searching for my destiny I move on,
and all I can hear is the sound.
It roars in my ears like the ocean,
forever calling to my heart;
It's a whisper of love on the wind,
the echo I can feel impart.
With knowledge of it I discover,
I simply have no choice,
it's guiding me to my waiting fate;
with rising passion I do rejoice.
What awaits for me is my heaven,
like the rose glistening with the dew;
unfolding to meet the light of day,
there's harmony in the presence of you.
I don't have to see you there in sight,
to know you are forever near;
residing in my soul by day you stay,
dreams by night you do appear.
My heart beats fierce in rhythm, every breathe I breath is true;
the beauty that's within my night, because my dreams belong to you.

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