Dreams Really Do Come True

As I stare at you all I could think of is an angel that came from above
What I can give you is understanding and in return you give me love
Sometimes I just sit back and say to myself is this just a dream
How could god give me a gift so special he knew that youd completed me
But is this just a wide open dream or is this a reality
Every time I look at you I fall down to my knees
Birds of a feather flock together your soul are my wings
In you I see everything that no other man can see

Hey now hey now
Do your heart stops when you look at me?
Hey now hey now
Take you around the world so you can see
Hey now hey now
Let me show you things you never knew
Hey now hey now
I guess dreams really do come true

No matter how hard I try I will seem to figure out why
Then I touch your face in broad day light and at that moment I know what's right
Darkness behind these walls if your my angel then guide me out
They say great minds think alike but you take the Reright out my mouth
I know that you will always be here with me I don't ever have to worry no doubt

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