Dreams turn to memories

Life has many twist and turns
Watching the world as it burns
Seeing people pass and have to come to terms
Dreams make everything a product of our imagination
Our hopes and dream are our determination
Over the loud speaker "you have reached your destination"
Your mind wanderers so much you just can't focus
Look to your left and see some sort of raucous
Hear the loud words is this justice for us
Imagination wanderers more and you see snow falling
Sky is gray white clouds are daunting
Opening doors left and right can sometimes be haunting
Snow represents innocence sending shivers up your body
Falls from the clouds that turns Monday to Friday
Holding hands with the one you love walking through chilling snow
Stop and pause give her a kiss will melt your heart allowing it to grow
That would make her special in your heart no average joe
At last your dream of that special someone has come into your life
To open your heart from the darkness and plight
So now that you can live in happiness and the light
Doors are closing all around jump into the closest to you
Takes you to a time where everything was much simpler
A day which was a happy time for you to remember
Leaves are starting to turn so it must've been September
Jumping up and down wrestling on the trampoline
Doing acrobatic moves and laughing and taunting
Tables ladders and chairs were ever so frightening
We didn't care all we wanted was to have fun
Playing aliens and monsters with our toy guns
Memories have a way of going in and out of our minds
Creating dreams that will stay with us through the test of time
Depictions of how we really feel inside

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