The dream was strange and strange it seems
To be trapped in a dream within a dream
How does this happen, does anybody know
To slumber in the night and in the mind as well

To first be immersed in a world of castles and knights
With kings and queens and pretty maidens galore
A pleasant dream of chivalry and honor and love
Such wonderful characteristics that ring so true

I spend my days either fencing or at delicious feasts
With dukes and lords from lands near and far
Afterward I begin to tire and I am led to my chamber
Right when my head hits the pillow I am swept away

I was swept far away it seems to be in another dream
One filled with creaking gates and decrepit buildings
Ghosts and goblins run rampant down its streets
Murdering and raping and kidnapping so many people

What kind of world is this, is there any happiness at all
What happened to the love and honor and chivalry
That I knew so well just a few moments before
What kind of wicked place is this, I can’t take anymore

Encircled by gloomy ghosts with cackles from goblins
I reach for my sword only to find an empty belt
How shall I survive this dream as impossible as it seems
I close my eyes and wish it away only to be welcomed by
the light of day

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