Drifiting Away

We once sailed down a gentle stream
The three of us didn’t care which way
Smooth waters
A peaceful ride
Miles of laughter we thought wouldn’t die
Then one day we didn’t see it coming
The waters started breaking
The clear sky was fading
As we drifted more down stream
Our rafts were separating
Then we saw the river divide
We desperately held on as it came
But we went left and you went right
We aren’t sure what our path will bring
The water is rough
The air is chilly
Our raft is overflowing yet we refuse to sink
We often wonder what your path brings
Because as we look ahead the river is settling
Our happy days returning
Yet you are not in sight
Are you ahead of us? Tell me you’re returning
I just hope and pray that you’ll come out okay
Please don’t come across a waterfall
Please don’t flip and fade away
I do hope you’re okay
But I never will approve you went that other way

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