Drifting Through Dreamland

I see beauty at its finest.
It's almost a science
When I look into that ice-blue.
It holds me like glue.
I'm suck in your embrace
And I'd rather be no other place
Than in our world safe with you.
There is beauty in the silence.
When day becomes night
And only you are on my mind.
But it's you I cannot find.
Now at night I cry.
Because I can't see your ice-blue eyes.
I can't lean into your embrace
Where everything is fine.
So I wander through Dreamland
Looking to hold your hand.
But I'm disappointed everytime.
Why did you leave me in this hell?
It would be enough to see you well.
If I could have a final goodbye
Maybe I would try to survive.
Maybe I wouldn't be losing my mind.

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