The rain is suffocating
Silence is far more comforting
The thoughts in my head as rapid as the rain
The reflections in the water mirroring my pain
Questioning my sanity with every drop
Thought bubbles get louder with every pop
Sanity is such a temporary home
Clarity is only ever slightly known
Water is clenching at my guilty skin
Peeling away all my filthy sin
The drops fall harder and fill my head
Heartbeat slowing. Blood replaced with dread
Rain is racing as my thoughts are screaming
I’m not even going to be a corpse that’s worth the cleaning
Open my heart and reveal my hurt
Go to the garden and clear the dirt
The rain is all-seeing, and I am not
My guilt is my being, it was never taught
Empty my mind with the crimson that haunts me so
Give me the plague that I became so long ago
The rain will reveal everything I have hidden
Maybe just maybe- oh who am I kiddin
Just let me give my evil heart
Just a bullet and I’ll depart
Give me all I could give the others
The only impression I could leave on mothers
Close my eyes and grip the handle
Blow away the lies and rid the scandal
The blood is suffocating
Silence is far more comforting

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