I like to go on drives.
They’re not very long, and usually very cold.
But I like them.

I like them because no matter how cold the wind is on my face,
My heart still feels warm,
And my body feels restless, and peaceful all at once.

The only thing illuminating the road are lampposts,
And there's a dim orange casting everything in a warm glow.
The city looks as if its being caressed with love

(Which is strange for a place so filled with hate)

I can feel that glow seep into my skin
I don’t need to speak to express myself,
The wind already hears me, and it carries my troubles away on strong breezes.

My body feels lighter than air,
And the car around me has disappeared.
My soul has left my body, and sometimes,

I wish it could stay gone.
Could stay away from my body,
Forever playing a game no one else sees.

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