Driving Test Nightmare

Thick leather grips beneath my fingers
Never set my mind to accomplishing something
THIS large
I check my mirrors once
then twice
Wiggling vigorously in my seat
Almost ready
Slowly sticking the key in the engine
Golden shine so familiar
Fitting perfectly in the key hole
Turning the key slowly
Very very slowly
The car rumbled
Then it turned off
I tried it again
Tears started forming in my eyes
I tried in again
My face became damp
This time as fast a wink
Not starting
Glancing my right
The man rapidly writing notes
Suddenly stopping
My eyes suggested begging
Begging for assistance
He shook off my tears
He got out of the car
He got into one next to me
A Honda
His Honda
He motioned me to leave the car
I quickly ran
He handed me a set of keys
Here we go again
I turned the key
The engine roared impatiently
Finally ready

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