Drizzly Hike

During a drizzly hike through an Autumn landscape
Of reds, yellows, and browns, I watched one leaf depart
Its lofty treetop world. It seemed to twist and writhe,
Trying for one more glimpse of its heavenly home,
Forever out of reach. It landed soundlessly
Amid the decaying bodies of its brothers.
Was it melancholy? Or did it understand
The Great Spirit's cycle?

Was it the same cycle placed in my restless heart?
I feel the hidden bear in my heart, chained too long,
Trained to heed reason and ignore the Autumn wind.
Too domesticated. Tamed to cast eyes downward.
But my defiant gaze likes to rise high among
The blazing treetops of a drizzly Autumn sky.
And this will satisfy the dark, pent up longings
Of the caged bear. For now.

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