Drop of Hope

That faint smell in the coffee shop
It's something that I would probably forget
However that hope that they had that I dropped
On the wooden floor, no one has picked it up yet

Hearing those words, that carved deep in my head
It's probably something that would be a big part of my past
Because no matter how many shows or sad books I've read
Nothing would probably make me cry just that fast

Why do I feel worthless?
Why am I so helpless?
Is this just a problem I can never ever solve?

I feel like that faint scent in the coffee shop
Is telling me that I should stop
Stop all of this mess that is just making me miserable
But then I wonder if I stopped when would I be able
To pick up my life's most amount of rubble?
Because I know that such a failure is disagreeable

As I kept reminiscing things from my past
I saw something that almost hit me, a huge rock
I picked it up realized that it might be my last
"Have I actually used up all my luck?"

Looking back from everything that happened
That's probably because it happened
That good things are one and another coming to a stop
Then it makes me yearn for that scent in the coffee shop
Maybe if I go back again, that thing that I dropped
Maybe if I go back again, someone will pick it up

As I opened the front door
Walking past the welcome post
This faint scent reminded me
Back in the days I was happy
But then I saw someone pick it up
That hope that everyone has dropped
I don't think I'll forget that moment
This might be my biggest achievement

But for some reason he dropped it
I don't what to do with it
I just stand there not even knowing what to do
But then I realize that it was just an illusion
He is still cradling it carefully in his hands
As if he was worrying that it might one day crash
I just hope that he wouldn't be the one in my illusion

However, once I drank some coffee
My eyes suddenly opened up
So widely, so wisely
Everything around me, please shut up
My illusion wasn't wrong but I am
Maybe it's all in my head, I don't know anymore
My hope for everyone dropped as I ran
Running away from here and nevermore

Why did I give up on everyone, even in myself?
You know why, don't you?
You only rely on their help

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