Dross Of Roses

Incapable of love ,

I'll fake it.

Expose your heart

and I'll take it.

Off course

I'll fling it.

Off key

to the world ,

I'll sing it.


There's too much glory in this life

for it to matter.

I'm too weak and gutless.

To express my inner soul

because I'm worthless.


wilted roses are lost.

Is it too much to long for ?

Give to me your hand

and I'll hold it.

Give to me your oath

and I'll unfold it.

Teardrops from Pluto


Too far out of reach ,

asleep I am dozing.


as thin as the memories

in past .

Cracking beneath my stable feet.

If I fall ,

I'll sink too deep .


for these tears

I am to blame.


because I am worthless .

Wilted roses are lost .


is it too much to long for?

Has the end had enough ?

Feed my eyes with surprise

and you will lie.

Break our hearts

from grimaced dark

and we will cry.

Water the soil

with our tears.

Give the roses

a few more years.

Is it too much to long for??

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This Poems Story

Basically about a man reaching out for his love. In desperate need of help to put the pieces of a shattered relationship back together. A message explaining that it can't be done alone. .