Drowning, it feels like drowning.
Wanting to fight the urge, but failing to stay afloat
Air starts to evaporate from my lungs as water takes over.

Drowning, I'm drowning
In my thoughts that can't seem to...slow down
She takes control
As I shut down it starts to rewire my system.
I start to feel trapped and broken
I've been invaded by this slithering siren
Who continues to seduce her way into,
My thoughts
Thoughts that start to create self-doubt
Hate and worthlessness
Eating away at my composure
Unable to keep up,paralyzed in a state of panic
Someone approaches me...I seem fine.
But, I'm not fine, I'm confined trapped underwater.
Tapered lips can't seem to split them apart
The urge to scream, save me!
Nobody can hear…

Drowning, I'm drowning
She takes over

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