Off the comfort of the earth,
And into the blue,
How much is my life truly worth?
Would it mean more if only you knew?
The water felt so calm as it swallowed me whole,
It pulled me slowly, slowly, down into the deep,
My life is spinning, spinning, out of control,
So baby, how dare you, not once ever weep!
My lungs let out cries for air,
And my heart won't stop pounding,
The pain is too much to bear,
Do you scream for help? I hear no sound,
Above the water it's just you I see,
I'm Sinking forever down below,
Why didn't you jump in after me,
As my life continued to glow.
Oh, those feelings you managed to conceal,
As I touch down on the muddy ground,
So tell me how now do you feel?
Knowing that you've just let me drown

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