I'm drowning, but no one sees.
Or if they do see, they don't care.
"We'll save you, just hold on!" they cry,
But they never come, until I'm no longer there.

The water is closing in,
Strangling me in her cold embrace,
And still I claw for air,
For them to see, just in case.

But it's warm in the sun, in the sand,
No one braces the frigid water,
No one reaches for my desperate hand,
Until, at last, I finally give in.

And as I slowly start to sink,
I wonder what might have been,
If only they had stopped to think,
Or really cared what would drowning mean.

What might have been, if only,
If only, they'd just tried to save
Me, but it matters not, for here I lie,
Forever in my watery grave.

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