By Sophia   

I am surrounded by people
We all float in a sea of each other
One by one they rise to the surface and leave us
I swim higher to join them
Almost breaking the surface
Then I am pulled down
I continue for what seems like forever
I try and I fail to reach the surface
Over and over
Tears tear in my eyes
Then the tears are forgotten in the tidal wave
I can see above the water
People are looking down at me
They shake their heads and move their mouths
“Grow up” “You don’t know what you want”
The tears break over and I try to scream
The waves pick up and I am tossed around in them
More and more people crowd on the surface
They look at me in disgust and anger
Then I spot her
She is across from me
She is being dragged along in the waves as well
I try to swim over to push her up
Though the waves continue to push me back
She looks at me and I can see tears in her eyes as well
We both float along the waves
Tears still falling
Then everything stops
The people above have stopped talking and looking
The waves have stopped moving
The water stops so it feels like we are standing still
We swim over to each other and stare up
The people gaze down at us, their mouth agape
They look at us as though we were stars that fell from the heaven
I look over at the girl and she looks at me
I smile
She smiles
And we both rise to the surface

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This Poems Story

This poem is mainly about me. I am a bi-sexual girl and many people think that's not okay. This poem tells how I met my first friend who is like me.