Sitting down in my room I start to resist everything.
Resisting sleep, resisting to socialize and resisting to come out.
I'm thinking about everything.
Past comes to my mind.
Music is my rescue, the lyrics take me away from reality
Sky high in a way until the flashbacks hit.
Falling. I'm like Alice down the rabbit hole.
Screaming as I fall to rock bottom as everything surrounds me.
Music's gone, I'm just laying there.
As I gasp to catch my breath the scenery changes.
I'm in an ocean. I see the light above me.
Trying to swim up I get pulled down.
The memories come back everything fading to black.
I sit up finally back in my room.
Realizing what happened the tears start falling.
Not being being able to stop it I curl up in a ball.
The thoughts and memories stop.
Everything ends.
The pain's still there, the marks are still there.

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