I want to reach out and pinch my arm
Realize that I still breathe and my skin is still bleeding
I’m afraid of dusty things and dark corners
I run from ghosts but realize I’m the mourner

I am drowning on dry beaches
My storm has reinvented my sun
The tide is giving me endless speeches
And my butterflies are on the run

Lately, all my friends have wiped me clean
Slightly disappearing with come-back revelations
I feel like crashing in with James Dean
I feel like Audrey Hepburn but I ain’t no movie queen

Cause I’m drowning on dry beaches
Your storm has reinvented my sun
I’ve got one friend beside me
That resembles your toy gun

Little words form into candid touch
I’ve got nothing but offer you my case of fearful sarcasm
You invite me to your solitary convocation
I’ve got a ticket to LA and a few unsolved equations

Let’s pack our bags and hitch to Tijuana
But you might look back and see that I’m a goner
Don’t shed a tear there still exists a night
The sun still rises and sets without giving you a bite
Cause I’m on a bus to New Orleans
I’ve got a pocket full of happiness and my magic jumping beans

Baby I’m drowning on these dry beaches
Your storm has reinvented my sun
And all I want is some Georgia peaches
In exchange for you, I’ll take a bottle of rum

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