A room full of darkness
A heart full of terrors
I stood amidst demons
The demons were my creations
I fed them on my thoughts
They were ready to engulf me
I was ready to give up
The story started there
With my new friends in my head
The delirium of having someone
Sent me over the moon
I started weaving stories
They were always in my mind
With twist in plots
And change in protagonists
One thing was consisitent
The story ended with query
With each word I wrote
I earned one more friend
They tore me apart from the real world
And I sighed
Though the materiality never had a hold
I drifted apart from the domain I belong
The apprehension dawned
But it was too late
I fell in love with the demons
Who were residing in my head
The notion of parting with them
Broke the courage to step outside
The conception of being with them
Drove my mind to territory of fright
They started eating me inside out
I had no idea to make them oust
And the dillema of love and fear
Lead to the anxiety severe
I lost all the ways to be alone
I knew there will always be anyone all along
They have seen me naked
And all my fears
They knew me better than
Even I would dare
They pulled the strings of my brain
I was loosing every sign of being sane
I knew for once
I am drowning
I knew there isn’t any saviour
Fighting was hard
Surrendering was easy
I submited myself to the masters I created
And drowned myself
In the world I created
I lost my battles
So, they won the war
And I am standing behind the bars
In the night at 3 am
When one of them calls
I run fast so that I could take their call
They give me task of berating myself
I do that happily
By overthinking in my head.

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