Drowning Blissfully

Everyone has laid at the bottom of a pool
and looked up at the sky through the translucent water.
It was like an entirely different world that you could see,
but couldn't get close to
Of course, at some point you had to come up for air.
After seeing what the world had looked like through the water,
the un-fragmented world above now seems dull and plain.
But you had to go back
to this unexciting and uninviting aspect of the world to survive.

Thats what love is like.
If you stay in its bliss too long, you'll drown.
But that's the mistake many people make;
It's so beautiful, and so peaceful, and so exquisite,
You don't really care that you can't breathe.
And because you're so busy taking in it's beauty,
you don't realize that you're slowly drowning.

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