Drowning in Fear

Drowning in life’s ocean
Oxygen is scarce
Never have a moment
To rest

Gasping for air
Inhaling water instead
Valuable energy

Useless to swim when you only sink farther
People’s expectations like sharks in the water

Keen senses are curses
Emphasizing your pain
Each laugh, glance, or smirk
Persuades doubt to seek fame

Fear of exclusion
Infesting your mind
Genuine despair, is making you blind
How can we see, through the curtain of pain
Too easy to simply, stop fighting the chain
Interrupting the fear
New hope is here, and it can be found, if you read
Going down

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This Poems Story

This poem in about the pain and fear that comes with trying to live up to everybody's expectations. Sometimes, we just want to stop trying. But through it all, we need to follow the vertical message, made by the first letter of each line, "Don't give up. Keep Fighting." Always try to be better, but make sure you are the one who decides your standards, not society.