Drug Addiction

He smoked off a cigarette,
That pulled another shade of hue ,from his silhouette!
Moment of "injected relief" ,
Actually brought darkness with grief.

To the one who couldn't accept the frictional reality,
To the one who chose to lose that led him to anti~sociality,
To those who couldn't bear up with a tough solo ride,
That took you to drugs and led you to suicide,
Drugs was never your support but was a life changer,
That made your loved ones turn to strangers!
You are alive but your soul is dying ,
Because you picked that bottle instead of trying.
You'll perish the same way your exhaled smoke blew,
And you know it where it's gonna take you to.
It's fills me up watching the "drowning Nation",
But still my youth is fetish for the "fragrance of ruination".
To her whose heartbreak drowned her in drugs,
No matter you are alone because "life always hugs",
Once you taste it, you get wasted !
But still got time to quit those cocaine sachets,
Because you can rise before you turn to ashes
"Life Hugs"~ that's what you need to remember,
And if you will,You'll have new septembers!

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