Drugs to My Pain

We are stuck together,
Like a sticker and a wall-
Standing together and tall-
Scared of the fall-
That's undoubtedly waiting at the end.
We have to get out,
And let each other fly...
It's not you and it's not me,
It's us as a whole.
We fit together like pain and drugs,
But pain always recedes and the medication does not.
You are the drug to my pain,
But my pain is gone and I'm still hooked...
I will always be hooked...
If i were to detox and get clean,
I would still be hooked
With every fiber of my being.
At the time of our first moment,
You came and outdid my pain
And for that you got to stay longer-
The addiction I don't try to fight.
This nightmare has made me evolve
To where you are truly my life.
And as I stare into the abyss of your eyes
I realize my life will continue to be a nightmare.

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