We use to forget, we use to feel better
Drugs are rough, drugs are tough
They don't care how or what you look like
Drugs can lie and fool you, drugs can be very forward,
Drugs aren't shy with you, then they make you feel good
Drugs are many different heavy things
They don't care how hard they are
They can be pills, cocaine, drinking, pot, or many more.

We the people that use these kinds of drugs are called addicts!
We the people can go to places like rehab, NA classes, AA classes,
and some people can even end up going to jail
Drugs cause so many wrongs in people lives
Drugs ruin people's lives in so many ways
We as sober people help the ones who want it
For the people who aren't ready for help we
Can't push help on them
They will push farther away, then fall to their death

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