Make these words sound
Please be as tight as a drum, my heart
For your strings are never enough
Carry me through these seas
My body will never hold the same
For my ears wallow in happy endings
Though it may not be for my eyes to see
And my hope may grow to drown me
Help me beat these drums
Be as loud as a drum, my heart
For your strokes are never enough
I could search through motionless hills
And still fail to bring one to my feet
Though it may not be my uncloaked veil
From here to the depths I will turn every stone
I will break every word and shatter every promise
Until your fate is justly met by a crumbling hill
For to me your cries are all too clear
Too often misconstrued for pure white noise
Still I can see a vast life through those vacant eyes
So this I willfully say with an echoing chest
I will pray for a cure to mend your wavering heart
For if yours should beat, mine would know to come alive
Together form a sound I have longed since birth
The lively beat of two silenced drums

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