By Lindsi   

Osiris! Osiris! Lord, please hear me out
Living among the skeletons I again must shout
Let me plant, water and grow my crops
Before the end comes and I disappear with a pop!

Ra! Ra! Sun god, listen now
Apep is ready to battle, but you defeat him how?
As you traveled across the sky, flaming horses
Chariot across the sky, right above the corpses

Weigh my heart with the feather
I swear it is good and pure and shiny, like some leather
Bring me to a place of peace and love
Since I’ve heard down here is as good as up above

Lakes of fire, walls of iron, and turquoise trees
I never felt so happy or so carefree
I plow the soil again and sing a little song
Egypt’s underworld, whether right nor wrong

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This Poems Story

The Egyptains were clueless about the afterlife, but they made stories of the gods, serving a purpose in what could be real.