Dubious Love

Amorous, lavish and dipped in love,
moonlight sparkling in the eyes of a turtle dove.
Sensuous, sensitive, pure and raw-that's the way,
the only way to portray love's law.
No boundaries, no limits, that's the double edged sword.
When things fall apart the glue needed...Not in store.
Measurement of highs, measurement of lows,
feelings of hate & fear versus love that blossoms and grows.
A person isn't a disposable item,
yet I see "so called" lover's so easily wield their triton.
Fore-sight or experience or maybe even arrogance?
I'm perplexed by this ability to excommunicate and
exercise apathy in abundance.
The heart is the crux, the core, me amore.
Do you not sympathize, forgive, when it's a mistake
that inflicted the thorn? Irreparably scorned
and never expecting or warned?
My gloves fall and I emotionally drift away-
the one way i feel that i cannot and will not be prey,
let up and give in, no involuntary retaliation,
tempted by vulnerability and blind faith,
for a resolution, reconciliation.
Some scars from the past though will never reach-
that level of rejuvenation.
The solution is never clear-
take hold and be led by the ventricular wheel,
relying on intuition not to unexpectedly veer,
eyeless driven because I knew no fear,
sightless and sheer devotion because of you, my dear.

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