Due Date

You ever had a feeling, that you could be a father?
Most days you feel like you're trapped in a sauna.
A mistake and a blessing. You want it, but you dont.
This kid could be my son, a "mini me" i hope.
The routinely things you do are no longer a game.
Everything has meaning. You've got "one on the way".
I can't control it, i can't fight it, I want it here and now.
But what goods an only child, if its only father's not around.
Writing is expression and poetry an art,
I scribble this in tears, without a pen, but with my heart.
I'm afraid that i can't measure up, I'm afraid that I can't be,
I'm afraid to have a child, And have it grow up just like me.
The pain in my abdomen,The nervousness, the fear,
really makes me wonder: how did we get here?
I've made mistakes, I've been stupid, lost Some battles, some i won
Now it's 2012,and I might be having a son?!
Or daughter, shit, I could be a father!
Abortionists could kill my kid, but I would give my heart for her.

I'm the pavement, the suspense is a drill.
Wrong time for the baby, wrong time for me and her.
Seems like the wrong time for everything. Life is such a blur.
Relaxation, rest. No worries nor stress.
No pregnant ex-girlfriend, no pounding in my chest
I'm tired, both mentally and physically.
My thought process is strewed.

Remind me to wake up, when the baby's due.

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