Dug In

I hear tell that a great big wall may soon be built
to keep out dangerous enemies with murderous intent
It's a promise that's a-coming
It's a promise that's hellbent
Seems like I've read about walls being built before
throughout the pages of my history books
However, they weren't called walls
They were called something else
But they definitely had the same look
In olden days, walls were called forts
(y'know, as in the word fortify)
Built to be a fortress, rising high into the sky
Yeah, those forts kept out enemies pretty well, I might add
Some walls (oops) some forts were built in lands already occupied
The builders knew their presence wasn't welcomed,
and force would most likely have to be applied
When the irresistible meets the immoveable
Something has to give
When the wine meets the winebibber
He's gonna drink til he's had his fill
So the history books say the story went something like this ---
Once the forts were built,
the builders dug in
They believed in attrition
'cause attrition always win
Therefore the logical conclusion is:
If you're building a wall, you most likely are gonna win
But this other book I've read
The one that amazes and astound
Declared the legend of Jericho ---
how that great wall came tumbling down

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