Dulager – Gae;ic for Depression

Bundle up in a ball with the outside shut out
High esteem people MAY hold is always in doubt
Relationships suffer push away those who care
Exposing to all that my heart has turned bare

Future becomes desolate with the present a mess
What happens today...I could care less
Not even to my biggest detractor would I want them to feel
Envious of religious folk who cope with prayer and kneel

Guilt, Loneliness, and Despair drive the mental state
Transform into an unrecognizable villain guided with a divergent fate
Agitation and chaos...Difficult to eat and to sleep
Misery and sorrow cover like armor, disallowing happiness to seap

Reproach fills my veins as I watch my family capsize
Unequipped to manage enduring attacks on both sides
Feel like a prisoner lost and cant find
Reach for artillery point inside and blow up this mind

Pill popping allowed for some short term success
The capsules fueled a false bravado with little recess
Looking back at that past difficult to process so cloudy
I am shocked that I had become so disrespectful and rowdy

The mere thought of CHLOE provides a moment of light
Her presence provides motivation to fight
Regardless of motivation I end up on the losing team
Heart fills with misery …like drugs fill a pheen

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