Duniya over Akiroh



What is (duniya)? Is just an empty passing dream

It’s a fleeting cosmos

Yet you are chasing her luxury costly of pride

It’s a pity………

Life is full of so many things of so many things signifying nothing

Its of unequal ways and endless maze…………..

Have you forgotten that Duniya is temporary while Akiroh is permanent

Have you forgotten that …

Allah never promised us to live forever

He has purposed for our creation

Which we shall all be accounted for,

Why do you choose to be “Miss World”

Why can’t you strive to be “Miss Akiroh”

Why must you expose your nakedness???

Are you not ashamed of being naked?

Why must you as a muslimah leave your head uncovered?

When you know that is a commandment from our lord “Allah”

Why do you desire to cheat on an orphans?

When you know that you will surely die one day

Why do you prefer to be stingy

When you know that you’re taken it all no where

Why must you take when you can’t give

Why must you kill when you can’t wake
Have you forgotten that death is an awkward race

That will catch your feet

The day that you will take your last breath

When everything will end within a glance

You will remain perplexed and helpless

Everything shall left behind except your deeds

Either good or bad it’s you alone that will be questioned in the grave

Don’t run after world, its vanity

Sit and think about what you will present

When you are asked about your stay
Serve you lord with sincerity
Repent now not later
Be righteous to your parent and your neighbours

Don’t be villain be diligent

That’s what can suffice you forever

By: Muili maryam





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