On a roaring lion she rode,
As she neared, the whole world glowed.
An angel, in her brimming divinity,
High above the holy Trinity.

Frozen and aghast! Stood I, at the holy sight.
A spectacular event which I viewed that night.
Showed me up, a magnificence of one's life.

With all her might charged the approaching monster,
Within a blink of an eye,saw the monster lie in divine lustre
Liberated was he, from the cycle of death and birth,
At the hands of the celestial spirit.

Then,with the eyes, so calmed, turned she to me,
And the next movement merged in the shivering Me.

Turned around I, with curious eyes, to find her nowhere.
Next moment heard the most comforting voice so rare.
Deep within you I stay, in the form of inexhaustible power,
Power of tolerance to kill the monster of prejudice,

To kill the monstrous ego and embrace modesty
Am the power of vigour and energy, to kill the deadly demon of lethargy.

You can call me the power of co-operation, needed to destroy the monster of unnecessary fight.
Oh! Dear soul, it's high time you come out of this miserable plight.
And Realise and embrace your power of light.

Oh Divine soul! know your inner power
Wake up, it's the need of the hour
To gain victory over these deadly devils,
Vicious devils of criticism, ego, desire and other evils.

Bathe, in the waters of purity and divinity,
To experience the presence of the Trinity.


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Dussehra marks the victory over evil. The poem marks the victory of virtues over vices within us.