Dust Bowl

It seemed to be the time of success,
Planting and planting 'til all looked well,
The wheat kept coming, all was blessed,
Selling and selling, 'til we struck it rich.

The rain decreased,
We kept on planting,
The dust increased,
But we can't stop now.

The crops were no longer as grand as before,
It began to take more effort,
The dust kept rolling,
We kept on growing.

The prices were dropping,
The hope was stopping,
Hunger was knocking,
The kids started coughing.

Life wasn't so simple anymore:
Breathing, eating, taking a walk,
Trying and trying to find hope.
Bankrupt farmers began to increase.
We just wanted some peace from this "big black cloud,"
We just wanted to be proud.

The dust, the wheat, the money, the people,
Nothing seemed to get along.

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