Dust on the Road

Dust on the Road
same story that is always told
child forced to man
from the gun he carries in his hand
now he hides in the night
praying for God to keep him out of sight
shots go overhead
hoping he wont end up dead

He thinks of his old life
wishing he was there tonight
when the night masks the sun
the general yells and they all run
his thoughts were running wild
while fear marching through this child
black goes in his sight
while he shoots blindly in the night

Now He's on the run
lives by the light of the midnight sun
till he serves his time
he wont have peace of mind

I lost my soul
but I still have my heart of gold
lost half my mind
at least I don't know that I'm alone
blood stained by bones
resonating pain sets the tone
Dust on the Road
but at least I know I'm home

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