Dusty Fantasies to Life

They say to follow your dreams
But I only dream in fantasies
I can’t take flight and soar on those skies
Those blue, blue skies
Yet next to you should I call those skies Red?
My dear my dear what makes you so blue?
At least your fantasies are in reach
As long as you reach for them
They say dreams don’t turn to dust
But they will if you let them sit by
So don’t hide your fantasies on the bottom shelf
Take them out and blow them off
Wet my lips with yours and clean them off
They say fantasies are written every day
Much like our life we can’t skip ahead
We read our work written everyday
So many people read it as it’s written afraid to skip to the end
But don’t you see we can’t
Even if we know how it ends
We turn page after page trying to catch up
But at some point we have to stop reading
And start writing it ourselves
We can guide our own stories
But if you let it write itself
Who knows how the plot twists will come in
You don’t have to be scared
We can write it together
Write inbetween the lines
Tell the book what will happen next
At some point we stop hoping it turns out how we predict
At some point we stop being the reader
We become the writer
So your fantasies will only turn to dust
If you allow them to pass you by
My fantasies won’t ever come true
I’ll never sprout wings and fly
With you or anyone else
But your fantasies are here on the ground
So why not take my hands
And tell me once upon a time?

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