Dutiful Dogs

When I caught the sight of that dog, my heart stood still
That kingdom I once forgot had I discovered again

Leaving a vacuum in me, when my world of books shattered
Unbeknownst to me he watched, and leaped into my heart

When I had to live far away from my dear friend
One day, making me feel lonely, he appeared in a dream

How he felt in doggy heaven, I knew not for certain,
But, later on, to keep him company, Barney joined him

A puppy declared recently that he's my momentary friend
All that frolicking left his owner in one hilarious shock

Then it was a big one, by my side, leaping at me endlessly
What a scene it was for those in vehicles behind that crossing

My walk by the dog park seem to turn them psychic
For they greet me with thoughtful expressions from behind the fence

What a void they fill in this world, those four-legged friends
The stream of life absorbs vigor from those dutiful hearts

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This Poems Story

This poem is based on my pleasant experience with dogs.