Dying Alone

Hospitals suck.
They suck the life out of me.
The life I don’t want anymore.
I want nothing.
Nothing is what I tell them is wrong in hopes to be released.
Released is what you tried to do to my heart but instead it broke.
Broken is what I’ve become.
Come see me I hate being alone.
I’m alone now that your leaving.
Leaving is what I wish I was doing.
I wish I was leaving more than just here.
Here, take my hand tell me it’s just a nightmare.
This nightmare evolved from all my best dreams.
My dreams mean nothing to me now.
Now isn’t how my forever was supposed to go.
My Forever.
You were my forever.
Forever was a promise I held onto.
You promised you would stay.
Stay please stay.
Please stay.
Please stay I don’t know what to do without you.
Without you I’ve lost my favorite part of myself.
You were my favorite part about myself.
I’m not myself without you.
Without you.
Without you oh please God no.
God I hate you, how could you let happen.
How do I get you to stay.
Stay please stay.
Please stay
Please stay I can’t do this without you.
Without you.

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