My actions are made as though im walking on broken glass
In order for his anger pass
Closer to hell
he binds me and makes me want to forget
Driving me into my shell
He abuses all thoughts
I wish for a bullet in my mouth
I do not need a foul shot
What did i do to deserve such grief
84 days have passed with desolation and disbelief
Another life come and gone
Another word broken down and beat
To him my tears are just bitter sweet
Removing myself from such energy would be a frivolous satisfaction
Yet i am avoiding his toxic reaction
It is my fault i stayed
I have no one else to blame
All his words burn in my heart like an unnatural flame
Taken by this synesthetic illusion
Our relationship is nothing but venomous fusion
I search for something to satisfy my discomfort in you
But you've changed
You've dissolved into mixtures of dismal hues
Your personal agenda has caused me dysphoria
The once romanticized soul now falls in my eyes
And beckons to his old friend, hysteria

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