Eagle’s Masquerade

America is called
"The land of the free€
But is it truly?
We hide behind our patriotism,
We masquerade our violence,
Because "this is America."
But - America place is not what you make it out to be.
It is not the free place you say it is,
It is not the free place you think it is.
How is this the land of the free when lives are taken?
And no one does a thing?
When there's an entire generation growing up on massacres,
Is this the land of the free?
If this were the land of the free the word alone-
It wouldn't equate to danger.
Parents wouldn't have to cry over their children's
Lost lives.
They wouldn't have to call their children
To make sure they're alive.
This all still happens,
Because of the Eagle's Masquerade.

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