Feel hard soft ground I stand on, solid life, giving me a home, giving me an opertunity,
Giving me a place to thrive in our diverse ecosystem

I could me standing it the soft, cool, damp earth,
It’s green grass poking through the soil tickling my ankles, stretching far beyond my reach

I could be standing amid patches of colorfull leaves coming to my chest
Birds flying, the cry of a tiger, canopy’s of lush trees and exotic plant draping the sky

I could be standing through shallow river or beach feeling mud settling through my toes
The clear water lapping softly up to my knees with the stray seaweed and confused crab

I could be standing under a dry sun, feeling the soft layers of sand cover my feet,
Surrounded by nothing the the waves of dunes stretching far out

Earth gives me many little hiding holes for me to go through my life,
It is my mother and I love her, for she takes all our strife

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This Poems Story

I realized that people start to take for granted all our earth provides to us. We owe the earth so much! I hope this poem makes us remember that.