In the vastness of the cosmic maze,

Where stars like diamonds brightly blaze,

Lies a majestic orb, our wondrous Earth,

A cradle of life, a miracle of birth.

Oh, Earth, you are a celestial art,

A masterpiece forged with Nature's heart,

With verdant meadows and oceans deep,

You beckon us with secrets to keep.

Your mountains rise with solemn grace,

Whispering stories of time and space,

Each valley and canyon, a hymn to sing,

A symphony of life, from pauper to king.

From tiniest creatures to mighty beasts,

In your embrace, diversity's feast,

The graceful dance of flora and fauna,

An enchanting tapestry that pulls us nearer.

Your rivers, they flow with gentle might,

Nurturing lands with their watery light,

Carving paths through rugged lands,

Uniting hearts with invisible strands.

The rhythms of seasons tie us to you,

Spring's rebirth, Summer's warmth so true,

Autumn's colors like a painter's brush,

Winter's hush, a peaceful, icy hush.

But alas, dear Earth, we've caused you pain,

With our arrogance and reckless disdain,

We polluted your waters, poisoned your air,

And left scars upon you, so unfair.

Yet still you rise, with resilience untold,

A beacon of hope, your spirit bold,

Calling to us, with a plea in your voice,

To protect you, preserve you, make a choice.

Let us be guardians, stewards of your grace,

Learning from each sunrise and embrace,

For in your existence, Earth, we find,

The very essence of our human kind.

So let us cherish your fragile frame,

Celebrate your beauty, with every flame,

And in our hearts, forever hold,

The sacred bond, Earth, our home, so bold.

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