Earth Angel

Physically we're miles apart but emotionally you're stuck in my heart
I miss you before you're gone as time spent without you feels wrong
minute after minute and day after day, my walls crack and break away
exposing the frailty of my core,
as each moment with you consumes me more.
constantly culminating beyond comprehension,
you encompass the very pinnacle of all creation.
embodying the very definition of the perfect suitor,
as you give purpose to my past and promise to my future.
you are a ripple in the pool of fate from a stone unknowingly cast,
uncertain of which moment will be our last,
I lay awake at night, holding onto you so tight,
fighting off the urge to sleep, because every detail I grasp and keep
I fail to comprehend the extent in which you force me to feel,
since the briefest moments with you are so incredibly surreal.
the very existence of you on this earth is an immense rarity.
that is eclipsed by a soul so incredibly unique and extraordinary.
your warmth heals scares that were believed to be beyond repair,
and compared to you, my greatest dream is but a nightmare.
in my mind I battle and fight,
to think of something other than your light,
but all efforts fall in defeat,
as I am devoured by the details it took for us to meet.
abilities without limit and a beauty so sublime,
the very sound of your heart beat inhibits time.
you inspire and redefine, my very understanding of all mankind.
your impact is so massive it's glacial,
which is why I call you my Earth Angel...

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