Earth Angels

To all the nurses at Chronic Care,
To all the receptionists that work there too,
You'll never know how grateful I am
For the love you showed me when I was "blue."

You took me in, all anemic and sick;
You gave me life through your selflessness.
Putting in hours and different shifts
You gave me strength when I was a mess!

My breathing was labored - not a good sign
But your smiles and gentle ways gave me new hope.
You never complained and just did your job.
You gave me healing and the power to cope.

Meeting you all has shown light on my life -
You're really true angels working on earth.
You sparkle and shine and go out of your way;
You built up my life force through humor and mirth.

It feels humble to know I was close to death,
All the blood loss, the pain, the worry, the tests.
It takes special people to deal with the sick,
Don't know how you do it, but now I'm at rest.

You're the unsung heroines on Mayfield Road;
Earth angels I call you because you're so pure.
You'll forever be burned in my memory
And be blessed in the afterlife, for that I am sure!

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This Poems Story

This poem is dedicated to everyone who worked at Chronic Care Services in Mayfield Hts., Ohio. When I fell suddenly ill and lost alot of blood from my illness, they literally saved my life by giving me iron infusions every week to get my blood up to normal again. I will be forever grateful to them for their unselfish actions above and beyond the duty of their job requirements. A shout-out to all of them - I LOVE YOU!!!!! - Poem published in "Best Poets of 2011 - Vol. 4" - Copyright 2012