Earth has started to heal

The horses of life are halted
Something, most certainly, world has never wanted

Humans are locked inside their houses
They are forced to give time to their spouses

Factories shut, industries closed, ban on outings, schools and on open markets
This version of life has surely been long disregarded

Beeches are taking long breathes
For they are getting rid of plastic and filths

Oceans are getting clearer
Apart from marine creatures, who seems cheerer?

Lions, deers, and bears have banished their fears
And roam freely on the land which was once theirs

For humans staying in home is just like staying behind the bars
Meanwhile Mother Earth has started to heal her scars

Ozone layer is recovering, Pollution level is decreasing
Instead of noise of automobiles and machines, birds are twittering

They fly freely without any fear of being caught
And Milky way has appeared to reveal its hidden bits more clearly at Night

Sun laughs loudly, Moon seems to have learnt new spells
I reckon we were and we are the virus of this mother Earth

Sky has finally responded to her call, though a bit late
But he is, with all his love, making her clean and green in haste

Human beings sob and cry, thousands have dies and many are dying
But mother Earth is enjoying punching in the face pollution and Global warming

Clouds sings louder than ever
Earth inebriated by the music, dance along her loyal friends

We surely didn't see that coming...
For we are a threat to her and her kids and friends....
She would be happy without us....

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