Earth Is Dying

It's getting bigger
It's getting dark
All for a spark
Where running it down
Every rain forest to the ground
All for money can't you see retur all for money can't you see
The earth is dying let it be
All the animals flee in fear
In what will be
Of their home in sanctuary
How can we do this?
I don't know
Do you think we lost our soul?
Life is dying but we don't flee
We keep distructing harmony
And when we're gone
There will be nothing left to see
I hope you change and quickly!
It's as if we lived in paradise
But now we've made a sacrifice
Money and power overcame
Now there is no one else to blame
Oh wait we can fix this catastrophe
Stop cutting, destroying
It's getting boring sitting here doing nothing
But that's not the case
We can do something
We can't just treat the world like it's nothing.

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