Earth: The Best Planet In The Wo

149 billion kilometers from the sun
Sits a rare planet, Earth is the one
Forget about Saturn with its rings of beauty
Earth has life and every creature has a duty
Too far to be scorched to close to be frozen
Earth sits just right and was especially chosen
Much more complex and mysterious than Mars
Earth has music, air, water and nice cars
Great food, blue skies, green grass and trees
Teaming with the Universe to supply all our needs
Time being the ruler of our nights and our days
Such a great pleasure being part of the human race
Too close to the Sun is why Mercury is so hot
Venus is even hotter and just as beautiful, or not
Jupiter is so big, so gassy, and so cold
Earth is just perfect with its riches and gold
What planet can beat that: Not Uranus or Neptune
We got the perfect satellite, Mr. Lunar; our Moon
So go ahead and admire other entities as they twirl
But rare Mother Earth is the best Planet in the WORLD

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