Earthen Spider

By Neelu   

On a rainy day, I float like a spider in an earthen city, the glue of the body is my own land, who also can I blame?

Insane to find the demonic catastrophe suppressed, folded in gaps of the body of the beauty!
The lamp post, like the naked thighs of the sun, gives a shameless handshake in the afternoon, the delight of an imaginary woman!
Being a monk, I am being oxidized by my own digestive juice, who else can I blame?
So many disobedient hormones born in your own body!

The great art of walking up the night of a women's civilization;
exquisite craftsmanship of cosmic architects, their banners have been put up for auction, prices are rising like crazy horses in the stock market!
Men cannot move the peacock's tail to calculate the simple figure!
Who do I blame?
Fastinstru with Neanderthals, people are now all hybrid!

The youth of a half-eaten man submerged in water, burns in cheap cigarettes and eats adulterated poisonous food, like bait fish guardian.
Seeing the fertile love of Goddesses Aphreter, the fun-filled cum, when it smells like rotten jack fruit, I understand that it is my own body -prowess beast, every time I count the grains, the poisonous bite is accumulating in my jaw!

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