Earth’s Song

As I walked along the trodden path towards the castle I call home,
I saw the green spring out from among me, and the birds fly above me.
The beauty was around me and the smell of flowers was ever so sweet
How lucky was I to live in such peace.
The trees that grew tall, and the flowers that hung low,
the sun shining above me and the grass glowing below.
In trance I stood, in awe I looked,
in the moment I saw earth without looking, just feeling.
The world is beautiful it sings a sweet song
The bees all around me sing with it in their harmless buzz
The frogs hummed about in peaceful chatter.
The world looked so perfect in the shade of this woods.
Let us not be wasteful in our haste to move along
Let us not hurt our home by ignoring its song,
Let us love Mother Nature by listening to her words,
for if we don't listen, soon there will be no song at all.

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