Ease Your Storm

Poise, the held stance of silent man
Waiting to look his desired with his eyes
his gaze holds her forever
She is the image of force with a neck made for directing
The peaceful stare from her calms him
They need one another, and they both know this
His thoughts, feelings, and needs are bottled up tightly inside
his core, until she sets her eyes on him
Tough and determined, he willingly melts under the touch of words
but how he lives with knowledge, how his movements are completed
with the precision of the sage and practiced
So few words are needed
An illumination, she thinks of how beautiful a man can be
yet, he looks quite poor with armor that needs desperate shining
But it is just this-how concentration never slips
The goal always lingering in the air
How he speaks to me, through his lips; but I hear
and understand him with my eyes
His chiseled form made perfectly for his circumstances
It radiates strength, too
Pure gentleness takes over his soul
as he turns his frame to look at me
I have all that I need and want nothing more

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